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My name is Peter Cote

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With a diverse background that includes experience as a commercial director and producer in the film industry, as well as self-taught skills in CAD, mechanical and electrical engineering, and novice C++ coding abilities, I am thrilled to showcase my unique abilities as a self-starter who can navigate technical knowledge to achieve goals.


Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to lead cross-functional teams and communicate effectively with key stakeholders. By understanding the goals and objectives of brands and agencies, I ensure their visions are executed with excellence. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders has equipped me with the skills to navigate complex relationships and deliver projects that resonate with customers.

As an analytical thinker and natural problem solver, I am always eager to learn and embrace new challenges. My curiosity has driven me to develop essential technical skills for product management, including CAD, mechanical and electrical engineering, and basic C++ coding. Through independently building and developing product ideas, I have gained invaluable experience as the sole problem solver, continuously refining and enhancing the functionality of my creations.


My technical background has honed my attention to detail and meticulous problem-solving approach. Whether it's developing new products or troubleshooting existing ones, I am committed to finding the most effective solutions and delivering optimal outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

As I transition into product management, I bring a wealth of knowledge in managing creative and technical projects, understanding client needs, and leveraging technology. I am eager to apply my strategic thinking and passion for innovation to drive successful product development and delivery. This exciting new chapter in my career holds great promise, and I eagerly anticipate the challenges and opportunities it will bring.


I am confident that my technical background, analytical mindset, and self-motivated approach to learning make me a strong candidate for any product management role. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!

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