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Peter Cote is a creative director that seamlessly blends right-brained creativity with left-brained execution, embodying a full-brained visionary.


He embarked on his professional journey as a founder of Conscious Minds, a pioneering digital agency. There, he not only contributed to but also spearheaded the growth of major accounts, collaborating with industry giants such as Levi’s, Nike, Clorox, Microsoft, and Ubisoft.


Peter then transitioned to focus on directing, with a notable emphasis on tabletop food and product commercials. His creative prowess spans various disciplines, from the visual to mechanical. Peter remains as curious and experimental as ever, pushing the boundaries of innovation. He harbors a profound fascination for evolving technology. This passion is not just limited to observation but extends to application, where he consistently applies an inventive mindset to everything he undertakes.

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