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Coffee Story

"Creative Exercise"

Venturing into a unique creative exercise, this project was a speculative endeavor driven by the belief that creativity, much like a muscle, thrives when exercised freely. Steering away from client constraints, my aim was to delve into the intricate details of coffee in its purest form. In the realm of food, I find beauty in the small nuances and occasional chaos. This exploration focused on elevating the seemingly mundane acts making coffee into an epic spectacle. By slowing down the visual narrative, I sought to magnify the beauty inherent in these everyday moments, infusing them with a sense of grandeur and detail that might otherwise be overlooked. This project stands as a testament to the idea that, in the right perspective, even the simplest elements can be transformed into a breathtaking visual experience.


Client: Experimental Spec



We Rally

Creative Director, Producer, SFX Rigging: Peter Cote

3D Artist: Jeremy Thomas

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