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Cracker Barrel Cheese

"Cheese Wisely"

Embarking on a creative journey with VaynerMedia NY, I was tasked with a unique challenge – introducing the new Cracker Barrel Cheese slices as they made their debut in grocery stores. The twist? These cheese slices needed to claim their own heroic moment within a visually crowded space of sandwich ingredients. Imagining an epic solution, I conceptualized a visually stunning scene where the Cracker Barrel Cheese takes its place as the final, pivotal ingredient. Picture a cinematic cheese fall, gracefully landing atop a sandwich to beautifully tie together all the layers of flavor. This concept not only met the challenge of spotlighting the cheese in a sandwich-centric environment but also showcased the art of storytelling in the culinary world, transforming a simple product introduction into a mouthwatering visual spectacle.

Case Study



Client: Cracker Barrel Cheese



Director: Peter Cote

Executive Producer: Sam Swisher

Producer: Ursula Camack

AGENCY: VaynerMedia/New York

Creative Director: Vince Lim

Producer: Lauren Press

Art Director: Brittani Kelzenberg 

Copywriter: Bobby Glennon

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