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Google Pixel

In the development of a Google Pixel spot, I had the unique opportunity to engage both my creative and technical faculties. Tasked with showcasing the phone's sleek design and the immersive experience it offers through its detailed camera and edge-to-edge screen, I not only contributed to the visual narrative but also flexed my left brain muscles. In addition to crafting the creative visuals that underscored the phone's allure, I played a pivotal role in engineering a motion control product rig. This technological innovation enabled us to practically capture the Google Pixel from every conceivable angle, ensuring that every detail of its design was highlighted. This project exemplifies the harmonious blend of creative vision and technical expertise required to bring a product's unique features to life on screen.

This video provides a brief glimpse into the intricate engineering behind the motion control product rig utilized in the Google Pixel spot. 



Creative Director: Peter Cote

Executive Producer: Tyler Bridges

Director of Photography: Emrys Roberts

Director of Product Photography: Peter Cote

Colorist: Jeremy Thomas

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