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Levi's Strauss

"Guy Walks Across America"

Levi's came to us with an open mind and a desire make something experimental with legs of its own. I had an ambitious and wild idea that is a lot simpler to pitch than execute which was to capture a guy walking in a sort of hybrid stop motion/timelapse across the entirety of the United States. Levi's gave us a lot of trust and creative leeway to run with the idea. It was a creative and logistical challenge to pull off, but we shot and traveled every mile from coast to coast. The release strategy was to initially release it as unbranded content online and hope it catches fire, and that it did. It grew to become one of the biggest viral hits of the summer. Shortly after topping the viral video chart Levi's enthusiastically claimed the content and benefited from the 30+ million combined views and global media coverage.  CNN and Mashable each later listed it in the top 5 viral campaigns of the year.

Behind The Scenes

Guy Walks Across America Chicago.jpg


Client: Levi's Strauss


Agency and Production Company: Conscious Minds


Producers : Peter Cote, Blake Heal

Creative Directors: Peter Cote, Blake Heal

Director: Sam Griffith


Editor: Benji Newell

Production Coordinator: Brian Soash

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